MEANING – Fermented liquid matter composed primarily of a combination of Rice and Pulses


  • backbone of a smooth functioning South Indian kitchen. Absence of Maavu/Batter in the refrigerator is downright frightening!
  • Known to improve oxygen levels in the system. It is a proven fact that when there’s Maavu in the refrigerator , one can breathe easy
  • Responsible for putting South Indian cuisine on the world map. Behind every Idli and dosa , there’s a well-r(a)ised Maavu/Batter.
    In the picture today are three types of Maavu/Batter that I ground this morning
  • Idli Maavu, Adai Maavu and Green Moong Dal Idli Maavu.

In the picture above,you’ll see the said Maavu soaking up all the morning sun just so they can rise and shine in their destined roles as Idlis and Adais when the time comes.

The Green Moong Dal Idli Maavu is an experiment. Embellished with a few more ingredients, it promises to transform into Kancheepuram idli. We’ll know that for sure in a couple of days.

My final word on the topic: Make Maavu today for a ‘batter’ tomorrow.

P.S. Update on the Kancheepuram idli : –

First impressions – It looks more brown than green; Takes longer than regular idlis to cook; it’s not as spongy or fluffy as the regular ones. It’s dense with fewer air pockets. But here’s the good news! It’s a well balanced dish and is extremely flavorful. With every bite, you can distinctly taste the nuttiness from the dal, the sourness from fermenting the batter, the crunch of the cashew and finally the zing imparted by the ginger and pepper. Definitely makes for a delicious and wholesome meal

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