It’s dinner time. The honest roti and the saucy sabzi/curry are united together in holy matrimony in a gastronomic ceremony, only to be sacrificed at the altar of hungry mouths. Much like other popular food combo counterparts – dal-chawal, idli-sambar-chutney, puttu-kadalai etc theirs is a marriage made in heaven and one that’s meant to deeply satisfy a black hole of hunger and desire. The roti and sabzi take one look at each other and utter the words – “Until death do us apart” and take the plunge. Together they unleash their flavors, tickle tastebuds and fuel famished bodies. Everything’s going fine, until all of a sudden,there’s no more curry left. The curry’s all gone taking with it the flavors that the duo were relished for, leaving behind a forlorn and unwanted roti. Some kind soul may turn it into a jelly roll or pair it with another curry. But more often than not, the roti is just boxed up and left to sit on the countertop neglected. Left alone, the roti leads a insipid and crumbly existence until death comes knocking on it’s doors and off it goes into the trash.

What if things didn’t have to end this way? What if the crumbly roti is indeed the answer to a quick meal on a busy weeknight? What if there’s a way to rescue orphaned rotis? Im happy to tell you that it is possible to upcycle the flavorless roti into a delectable dish in a matter of minutes. And here’s how – Further crumble the rotis. Zap it to life by soaking it in warm milk. Revitalize it with an infusion of flavors. Start by sauteeing some onions, garlic, ginger and green chillies. Add the softened rotis along with some crumbled paneer and cheese. Cook for a couple of minutes and garnish with fresh herbs.

You’ve now created what I’d like to call the Scrambroti – A poor roti turned delicious with rich flavors!!!

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